How to attract retail investors
People - Investing
Sunday, 05 December 2010 10:48

A lot of research has shown that low trading costs is essential for investors success. Nowadays low trading costs are available with many online brokers. Often low costs brokers limit their services to mainstream markets such as the US stock markets. Other online brokers provide access to many different stock markets but they charge a subscription fee for the quote data.

Small companies might attract additional retail investors by providing real time quotes for free on their website. These could be complemented by company statistics such as provided by Yahoo for companies listed on the US stock exchanges. Many bigger companies already do this but usually they only provide real time trading prices. Would it be possible to provide streaming level II quotes and statistics as well?

And how about this one: one would image that companies make a transcript of each quarterly conference call, and put these transcripts online. If these calls are not in english then these calls should be translated to english. But most of them don't do this (yet).