Google Chrome Browser Problem: closes tab when selecting it
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Monday, 08 June 2015 19:15

Sometimes the Google Chrome browser closes a tab when you select it with the mouse. I have this problem now for some years, every few months. The problem is easy to fix. Google it and you will find solutions. It seems to be a problem with the mouse rather than with the Google Chrome browser itself:

Believe it or not, your symptoms are indicative of a dirty or sticky mouse.  When you click a tab and it closes, 
is the function of the middle button or wheel.  
Try a different mouse or play around with it's settings.
according to TomG on the Google Chrome Help Forum.

What worked for me is the following, on the same forum:

I'm on a laptop, and this was an issue for me a few months ago.  
I clicked both left and right buttons at the same time, and it stopped doing it. 
The four-directional circle of arrows will appear.  
Just click on blank space after it appears and your problem will be least on a laptop.  
I have no idea if it will work for a desktop with an actual mouse.