Differences between CVS and Subversion
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 20:32

This note is for Subversion v1.6.

Last year I have been using Subversion version control. So far I found three important differences between Subversion and other systems such as CVS:

  1. When deleting a file and then adding it back, any history before the deleting is not visible anymore in the subversion log. It becomes visible again after retrieving the latest version of the file before deletion. Because the log doesn't tell when the file has been deleted it is difficult to go back to the version before deleting it.
  2. Subversion does not provide the use of symbolic labels like CVS does. Instead groups of files can be checked out using the global version number.
  3. In Subversion RCS keyword expansion is not automatic. New files need to be prepared first. See this article.