Sharing a folder with Windows Remote Desktop Connection
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010 21:44

This note has been written and tested for a Windows 7 computer.

With Windows Remote Desktop Connection it is easy to log in to other Windows computers. It is also easy to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection for sharing files between the local and the remote computer.

Just click or double click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon in your start menu and then click Options. Click on the button More in tab Local Resources below the text Local devices and resources and check the drives you want to share with the remote computer.

Some people are concerned about safety and don't want to share their whole drive with the remote desktop. The solution is to assign a folder to a virtual drive on the local computer:

subst x: c:\folderToShareWithRemoteDesktop

Now you can share folder folderToShareWithRemoteDesktop with the remote desktop by sharing virtual drive x.