Mobile internet not working with proxy server
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Thursday, 24 June 2010 21:26

At our office we use mobile internet on one computer. On this computer we have a proxy server (FreeProxy) and other computers connect via this proxy to the internet.

One day this mobile internet was not working. At least from the computer running the proxy server the internet connection was ok. From the other computers the browser displayed only "Url not found" error messages from the proxy server.

I went investigating what was going wrong. It could not be the mobile internet connection because the direct connection was working from the computer running the proxy server. So it had to be a problem with the proxy server. I restarted the proxy server but that did not help. Next I tried to restart the mobile internet connection (usb stick modem). That helped. So I think the proxy server could not connect to modem, maybe it's DHCP IP address had expired and it got a new one. Resetting the modem solved this problem.