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41 Manipulating Hawk rulebases
42 Mapping to a UTC timestamp with milliseconds in BusinessWorks
43 Configuring certificates for an HTTPS request in Tibco BusinessWorks
44 Database server not found when running Hawk tool ConfigureMonitoring
45 Building project libraries from ant using buildlibrary
46 Using java libraries in java custom functions in Tibco BusinessWorks
47 Mapping zero milliseconds to timestamps in Tibco BusinessWorks
48 Database error in Tibco Administrator
49 Error when validating a Service Agent in Tibco Designer
50 Setting global variables in Tibco BusinessWorks and Tibco Designer
51 Sending gzipped data in an HTTP Request with Tibco BusinessWorks
52 Tibco EMS reconnect failed
53 Missing POST data in output of BusinessWorks HTTP receiver activity
54 Unexpected error in Tibco EMS Topic Requestor
55 Advanced Tibco JMS client connection settings
56 Tibco Hawk Event Service
57 Retrieving outstanding and processed workitems and subprocedures from the iProcess database
58 Retrieving release timestamp of iProcess tasks from the database
59 Installing Jetty Webserver within the iProcess Webservices plugin as a Windows Service
60 Database query to verify whether an iProcess subcase number belongs to a certain maincase number
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