Deployment error in Tibco Administrator
Facts - Tibco
Tuesday, 28 June 2016 20:47

This note applies to various versions of Tibco Administrator 5.x.

I installed Tibco Administrator via the console installer. I had to create the Tibco Administrator domain via the command line as well. This can be done with the domain utility within the bin directory of the Tibco Runtime Agent (TRA):

$ tra/<5.x>/bin/domainutilitycmd -cmdFile CreateDomain.xml

A template for CreateDomain.xml can be found in directory tra/<5.x>/template/domainutilitycmd.

After creating the domain I uploaded an ear file and tried to deploy a Tibco BusinessWorks process. Deploying failed. Tibco Administrator returned an error: Failed to contact Hawk Agent. I fixed this error by creating an "Application Domain" in the browser GUI of Tibco Administrator within section "Resource Management". I do not know whether the name of this application domain matters. I copied the name "Uddi_App_Domain" from another installation of Tibco Administrator.

After making this fix within Tibco Administrator I had to log off from Administrator, stop Tibco Hawk and Tibco Administrator and then start Hawk and Tibco Administrator again.