Tibco Administrator GUI does not show installed software
Facts - Tibco
Thursday, 07 April 2016 13:11

This note applies to various versions of Tibco Administrator 5.

I had Tibco Administrator installed on a particular machine. Then some system administrators found it necessary to change the name of the machine. It is possible to change the host name within the Tibco Administrator configuration using the MoveMachine utility within the Tibco Runtime Agent (TRA) installation directory. I did that but unfortunately some nasty details prevented the migration to complete successfully.

So I decided to reinstall the Tibco product stack. After installation I could not see the Tibco BusinessWorks installation in the browser GUI of Tibco Administrator. This page can be reached via the links "Resource Management", "Installed Software". But I remembered I had encountered a similar problem before. Then Tibco Support sent me a very detailed email with things to check. So I looked up this email.

One of the things to check is the Hawk configuration in directory /tra/5.x/domain//hawkagent.cfg. This file defines 2 parameters: agent_name and machine_name. These parameters should match the name of the machine in the Tibco Administrator browser page "Resource Management, Machines". After fixing do not forget to start the Hawk Agent.