Tibco Adapters not visible as installed programs in Tibco Administrator
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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 11:17

This note applies to various versions 5 of Tibco Administrator

I installed Tibco Administrator, the Tibco ADB Adapter and the Tibco Infranet Adapter on a Windows server 2012 machine. The problem I had was that the 2 adapters were not visible in the "Installed Software" section in the webgui of Tibco Administrator.

I contacted Tibco Support and found out that this problem can have many causes. Unfortunately I did not find a direct solution among their suggestions. But it gave me enough information to solve the problem.

Although I installed all Tibco programs with Administrator privileges ("Run as aministrator") it turned out that these installation binaries wrote the file vpn.properties.tibco.<machine-name> into the user directory C:\Users\<MyName>\WINDOWS instead of into the system directory C:\WINDOWS. So after I copied this file to the directory C:\WINDOWS and restarted Tibco Administrator the problem went away.

Important to know is that I had this problem only with pretty old versions of the 2 adapters. It did not occur with a newer version of the ADB Adapter and neither did it occur with other Tibco software such as Tibco BusinessWorks. My impression is that this problem only applies to older adapters that do not use the TibcoUniversalInstaller as the installation binary.