Tibco Rendezvous Not Permitted error
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 09:27

When testing a BusinessWorks proccess on the server (version 5.10) I got the following Rendezvous error:

TibrvException[error=27,message=Not permitted]

Some websearching revealed that the problem could be confirming a Rendezvous message twice or a problem with accessing the ledger file. It turned out to be the latter.

What happened?

Unfortunately the error message did not tell us which ledger file or which RV publisher or subscriber was involved. That made it much more difficult to find the root cause of this error.

My BW project contained several processes. Multiple BW processes used the same Rendezvous Transport resource. This is no problem as long as these processes are in the same server process. But if these processes are in different server processes 2 different process instances could try to access the same ledger file at the same time. Then the operating system denies permission to access the ledger file to one of the process instances.

In our case it was even more tricky. There was only one process in my BusinessWorks project using a Rendezvous Transport resource with the troubled ledger file. But this process was called by 2 different other processes. And these processes were in different Process Archives in my BW project, so in different processes on the server.

I wondered why I hadn't encountered this problem before. Partly because Tibco Rendezvous is not used much any more. This BW project was in fact legacy software. Other companies use JMS (Tibco EMS), where such issues with ledger files don't exist. And companies that still use Tibco Rendezvous almost always use BW projects with only a single process archive in the ear file. So all deployed BW processes end up in a single server process instance such that all ledger files are accessed by the same server process.