Grayed out directories in Tibco Designer
Facts - Tibco
Monday, 09 February 2015 22:58

Suppose you import a design time library in a Tibco BusinessWorks project and then view the project with a recent version of Tibco Designer (for example 5.7). If this library contains a folder then you will see this folder but unfortunately it will be grayed out. You can't create new elements (for example new processes) inside this folder from Designer. But of course you can create the folder on disk. When you reload the project in Designer you will still see the folder you created grayed out but at least now you can create elements such as BusinessWorks processes in it from Designer.

Only after you copy a .folder file into the folder you just created the folder won't display grayed out anymore inside Tibco Designer. Here are the contents of such a file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Repository:repository xmlns:Repository="">
    <folder resourceType="ae.designerfolder" name="ProcessDefinitions" propLocks="" 
             allowUserToChangeIcon="false" sortContents="false" acceptsResources="true" 

Untill some time ago Tibco Designer always created ".folder" files, in every directory. Apparently Designer 5.7 doesn't do that anymore. Despite that it seems that the internal Designer software responsible for graying out directories in Designer still checks on these ".folder" files.