iProcess doesn't start up
Facts - Tibco
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:39

This note was tested with iProcess version 11 on unix.

With the command "swstart -p" one can start iProcess. When I did this many processes did not start, such as the process sentinels (BG's) and the iProcess Object Server. Only 2 processes automatically started: the PROCMGR worker and watcher processes. I could start some processes manually using swsvrmgr. These processes were the process sentinels (BG), BGPREDICT and DLMGR.

Unfortunately I could not start up other processes using swsvrmgr, such as the iProcess Object server (SPO). When I tried the error message was: "Timed out waiting for correct number of process responses". When trying to start the other processes, RCP_TCP_LI, RCP_UDP_LI, WQS, WIS, WISMBD and RPCBG, swsvrmgr returned that these processes can't be started individually.

After extensinve searching on the internet I found out that the iProcess attribute PM_AUTO_BOOT could be responsible for this behaviour. This attribute can be set using the tool swadm:


In the command both the machine id and the instance id arguments should be 0. After setting the attribute PM_AUTO_BOOT with the command line above iProcess started up normally.