BusinessWorks can not publish a RV message
Facts - Tibco
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:33

This article applies to Tibco BusinessWorks 5.7.

An RV publish task in BusinessWorks fails to publish RV messages. After switching on full tracing on the BW RV publish task I did not see any error messages. Changing the RV publish task to a "Reply to Rendezvous Request" did not help either.

The problem was in the tool I used to send the original RV request: rvsnoop. The RV publish task had to publish on the reply subject of the original request. But the tool silently added quotes around the reply subject. So BW was trying to publish on a "broken" reply subject.

Should BW have given an error message? I don't think so. The message probably got published but because of the quotes my tooling was not listening for a reply on quoted subject.