Webservice warning in BusinessWorks
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Monday, 25 February 2013 20:00

This note is for Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6, and Tibco Administrator 5.4.

I deployed a BusinessWorks ear file into Tibco Administrator. Upon start up I got three times the same warning in the log file of the BusinessWorks engine:

Warn [org.apache.catalina.connector.MapperListener] BW-EXT-LOG-200000 Unknown default host: null

In addition I got a HTTP 500 error when trying to invoke soap operations of the deployed webservices.

The two webservices in the BusinessWorks (BW) ear file were configured with global variables that set the parameters of a HTTP connection resource. The hostname in the HTTP connection resource of each of these two webservices was set to the machine name I had deployed the ear file on. According to the Tibco BW documentation this was wrong, a better choice is "localhost". So I changed the two global variables to "localhost". Unfortunately the three warnings kept appearing in the log file. In addition I still got the HTTP 500 errors when invoking a webservice operation.

What else was wrong? The Process Archive (par) has some settings in Administrator as well. Among these settings are the variables bw.platform.services.retreiveresources.Enabled, bw.platform.services.retreiveresources.Hostname and bw.platform.services.retreiveresources.Httpport. The value of the first variable was "true", indicating that Administrator was implicitely hosting a webservice under the following url:


In the url the hostname and the portnumber are taken from the other two variables. The portnumber can be the same as the portnumber of one of the deployed webservivces. This webservice displays a page showing the url's of the wsdl of each deployed webservice. The actual value of the hostname variable was the hostname of the machine I had deployed on. To fix things I had to set this to "localhost" as well. This solved my problem. Instead of configuring each hostname variable as "localhost" I could have left each hostname configuration item blank as well.