Revert User Info import into iProcess Administrator
Facts - Tibco
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 20:45

This note applies to many iProcess version, among others to version 11.

The iProcess Administrator tool can export user information. Upon pressing the export button it creates an xfr file with all users, groups and membership relations. This file starts with the letter "R" on an empty line. What would that letter mean? It means "overwrite everything upon import"!

An ignorant iProcess administrator exports user information using the iProcess Administrator tool into an xfr file, for instance on a test environment. Since all users and groups have been exported to the xfr file, he edits the file such that it only contains selected users, groups and relations between them.

Then he imports the resulting stripped xfr file into another environment, again using the iProcess Administrator. If had forgotten to remove the first line with the single "R" character all previous users, groups and relations between them will be lost. Oeps! Fortunately he does not commit the changes using "Move sysinfo". But how can he undo this change and get the previous users back?

Fortunately he can export the previous users with the command line utility swutil to an xfr file. He can use the iProcess Administrator to import the previous users from this xfr file and then commit the changes with a Move Sysinfo.