Service Agent initialisation error in BusinessWorks
Facts - Tibco
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 20:52

This note is for Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6, Tibco Administrator 5.4, Tibco Designer 5.5 and SOAP 1.1.

I had to test some BusinessWorks processes triggered by a Service Agent resource. The Service Agent did not initialize properly when starting the deployed process archive on the server. It returned the following error:

java.lang.Exception: Error in [ProcessDefinitions/Starter/myProcess.process/SOAP Request]
{BW-COMMON-100033 Configuration error in field [ Service ] the value must be a valid WSDL Service
QName, SOAPPLUGIN-100035 Configuration Error. Transport is not specified for this service}

The error pointed to a SOAP Request/Reply activity in a BusinessWorks process triggered by the Service Agent. I tried many things without any luck. In the end I undeployed and removed the archive from Tibco Administrator on the server. Then I recreated the BusinessWorks application within Tibco Administrator and deployed again. That fixed the problem.