Service Agent Activation Error for HTTPS server in Tibco BusinessWorks
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Thursday, 13 December 2012 20:26

This note is for Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6.

When trying to test a Service Agent in Tibco BusinessWorks from the debugger in Tibco Designer I got the following error:

null Activation error with plugin agent [ProcessDefinitions/MyService.serviceagent]
caused by: An IOException occurred while initializing the service
caused by: com.tibco.plugin.share.http.HttpInitServerIOException
caused by: LifecycleException:  Protocol handler initialization failed:

What was wrong? The Service Agent had to operate over https with a client certificate. So I had to configure an Identity resource in the menu behind the button Configure SSL in my HTTP connection resource. This Identity resource wasn't configured right.

The global variable BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE pointing to the trusted certificate directory the embedded Tomcat server is using needed to have three forward slashes in the url: file:///C:/TIBCO_CONFIG/truststores.

The secret key in the SSL identity resource was configured using a global variable as well. This key url needed to have only two forward slashes: file://C:/TIBCO_CONFIG/keystores/mykey.jks.