Sending boolean fields to iProcess via the Action Processor
Facts - Tibco
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 20:01

This note is for Tibco iProcess 11 and Tibco Business Studio 3.5.

Within Tibco Business Studio one can define iProcess processes. Such a workflow process definition usually contains field definitions as well. These fields can be used in the workflow to store data, to show it to the user and to direct the flow depending on the values of the fields.

In Business Studio one can define iProcess fields of the type boolean, although this field type does not exist in iProcess. I defined in Business Studio such a boolean field in a main procedure. The value of the field had to be supplied when creating a new case via the iProcess Action Processor. To be more precise, a BusinessWorks process called the Action Processor in order to create the case.

In addition to the value, the Action Processor needed to know the type of the field as well. So BusinessWorks had to send a string field to the Action Processor indicating the type of the field. As expected the contents of this type field wasn't swBoolean or anything like that. Instead it turned out to be swNumeric. And the value passed by BusinessWorks had to be "1" for boolean true and "0" for boolean false.