Exporting iProcess procedures to ASCII
Facts - Tibco
Sunday, 02 September 2012 15:37

This note is for iProcess version 11 and many earlier versions.

Sometimes you want to check where a particular field is used in an iProcess procedure. Unfortunately iProcess does not provide any facilities to search the code.

Some people would like to store procedures into a separate version control system and be able to check differences between different versions of the same procedure.

It is possible to search the code or spot differences between versions of the same procedure by exporting them to ascii files.

iProcess does provide a way to export its procedures. Exporting a procedure is possible with the command line tool swutil on the server. Unfortunately this tool exports procedures in binary format. This makes it impossible to check for differences between different versions of the same procedure. And searching a binary file for occurences of a field name is not possible either.

But with a hidden trick you can export iProcess procedures to ascii files. I learned this apparently secret trick years ago from a Tibco employee. To my surprise it still has not made it into the documentation yet. The trick is using the option "-E" at the end of the swutil command line:

swutil EXPORT PRCNAME -a -c +e 0.2 -l -m -r -s -t -v -E